iReport Template for Racktables

Racktables is a really nice tool to keep your Network cabling plan up to date and documented. But I was lacking the possibility to print out a single page which contains all the (to me) relevant information about a single switch or a single patchpanel. iReport is an reporting tool similar to crystal reports but Open Source which takes all information directly from a database and allows you to design a report with the results of your database query. It even includes a visual query designer which helps you with the easier database queries.

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Use Third Party SFP Modules on Cisco Devices

Usually you will need a Cisco – SFP Module for each Cisco device, but there is an undocumented (and unsupported!) CLI command to be able to use (cheaper) third party modules. Although this is not recommended (and should never be used in a production environment) it is a cheap method to set up a lab environment with your spare Cisco devices.

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