iReport Template for Racktables

Racktables is a really nice tool to keep your Network cabling plan up to date and documented. But I was lacking the possibility to print out a single page which contains all the (to me) relevant information about a single switch or a single patchpanel. iReport is an reporting tool similar to crystal reports but Open Source which takes all information directly from a database and allows you to design a report with the results of your database query. It even includes a visual query designer which helps you with the easier database queries.

My newly created report shows the local port, which vlan it belongs to, where it is patched to, the label of the remote port (in racktables i insert special device names at the switchport labels and room names at the patchpanel – port labels) and the label of the local port. So i can print out a single sheet which contains all the ports of a switch and all information where it is patched to, which room the corresponding patchpanel – port is in an which (if any) special device is connected to this port.ireport

Additionally  i played around a bit with conditional formattting in the reports, so all not – connected ports are shown in blue.

You can download and modify my report as you like, all files ireport generates are plain xml. If you create new reports based on mine, please share them so others can have their fun with them…


Switchport Config iReport File

More Information about iReport






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