Dokuwiki: Make file:// – links work in Firefox

Although i can understand why using file:// – links is bad sometimes you just need them (Company – wiki on an Intranet webserver anyone? Try to convince your colleagues that they have to use IE on that page…)

Handling of file:// – links is deactivated in Firefox, so you have to enable them, which can be done for select URLs in the about:config – dialog. Additionally you can deploy the Firefox settings via group policy

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Allow Users from Trusted Domain to access Shared Mailboxes

As this is not possible to do with the Exchange 2010 GUI, here the two Exchange – Powershell commands needed

To add FullAccess rights to an trusted account:

[PS] C:>Add-MailboxPermission -Identity <> -User <trusted_domain><user> -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All

To add “Send-As” Rights, you will have to change the AD – Permissions for the account:

[PS] C:>Add-ADPermission -Identity ‘CN=Shared Mailbox Name,OU=users,DC=domain,DC=com’ -User <trusted_domain><user> -ExtendedRights ‘Send-as’

to be on the safe side, add the shared mailbox in LDAP notation